Korean World Super Star (BI) Rain may be serving his mandatory military duty. But he has not lost his sense humor. This Week he hosted The Desire to Speed show by himself.
OMG how awesome is he!!!! (Bi) Rain has more talent in the tip of his little finger than most performers have in their entire body. Keep up the good work

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It’s time for the next installment of Rain and KCM’s need for speed!

Our man Roller Jung was flying solo this time, without KCM. He did a great job (just as KCM did without him last week). And instead of the “K versus R/R versus K” segment, Rain and his lovely guest commentator gave us a rousing round of “Ms. A/Mr. B”. Dude/Chick fight in the DJ booth! *kidding* Please enjoy it! When an English translation becomes available, I’ll add it to this post. Thanks.

(Source credit: 96.7 Friends FM / DEMA / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

 12-08-18 Friends FM – 질주본능 (The Desire To Speed)_Rain DJ.

[ENG TRANS] 120818 #Rain Desire to Speed

Translation based on edit by ratoka: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhF0TToFPAI&feature=plcp

 Credit/Source: Rain (PFC Jung Jihoon)/FM96.7

 English translation: 화니

Slight tweaks: CloudUnite

Tweaks and asides: {Stephe ^@@^}



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