Global + Seoul Mate = A chance of a life time!!!!!!

Global Seoul-Mate is recruiting foreigners both domestic and internationally. Global Seoul-Mate publishes Text, Pictures, and Video format via the Internet

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I don’t know about you guys, but for someone who loves Korea like I do this is a golden opportunity.

Although South Korea is well grounded in traditionalism, Seoul Korea is leading the way with their innovative approach to publicity and foreign economics. Seoul is the capital city in South Korea. Seoul has quickly became a thriving and prosperous metropolitan area over the past few years.

When I think of Seoul, I think of a busy market place. Various items that are for sale. To my left a woman is haggling a vender over a price. A few steps away to my right I see kids eating shaved Ice with syrup to cool down from the hot summer sun. On the corner there is a food vender selling Korean Rib. A group of teenagers listening and dancing to Supper Junior’s ” “Sexy, Free & single”. The sights, sounds and smells of this vibrant city would be a sensory overload.

How do you see Seoul?

Global Seoul-Mate 2012


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