VOTE Today.

There is no competition in my HEART. But I do Love participating in K-POP Polls. I often Complain that RAIN or CLOUDS have been left out. (“Because that is ALL I care about.”) Anyway when I started Posting this poll RAIN and Clouds Were #11 Over the Last 24 hours we have made RAIN #7. So let’s Keep VOTING. Corporal Ji-Hoon maybe in the military preforming his national duties. But he is Still #1 in our Hearts and Lives. So lets show him How much WE love him and make HIM and HIS KINGDOM #1 this Christmas. Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving. Vote upto 19x’s a day


One thought on “VOTE Today.

  1. ❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔☔☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔i love you my love i love you my love jung ji hoon ❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤☔❤

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