[English translation] 2012.9.1 Rain in an exclusive interview. (Q&A) _ 정지훈 상병님 인터뷰 :: 네이버 블로그

[English translation] 2012.9.1 Rain in an exclusive interview. (Q&A) _ 정지훈 상병님 인터뷰 :: 네이버 블로그.


Why Must R2B: Return to Base be compared. Whether it is a remake of the Red Scarf or not, or Top Gum inspired or not dose not mater. I am an American and I Love Korea, And Korean entertainment. If we must critic e R2B then lets do so on its own merits. ( Not Everyone liked Top GUN) It is a injustice to the Actors and the Crew who worked hard on this movie. 

Furthermore it is not conceit to take pride in your self and work. Individuality is important to everyone. So why must Rain be conceited for wanting to maintain his individualism,  if he is then it is our own doing.

Although I am sorry to hear that Rain didn’t get to join the Air Force, I am glad as well. If he had we would not get the comfort of his voice and pleasure of his company on speeding and other various events.

Corporal  Ji-Hoon (Rain) has had opportunities that few get to have. But  it has not been easy for him, he has had to fight every step of the way from the beginning. I think what most people forget is that behind this man’s quiet and gentle nature, there is a warrior inside.


(BI) Rain makes a surprise appearance in Wangsimni

Rain who has not been able to participate in promoting his new movie R2B: Return to Base due to Mandatory Military Service, surprised his fans yesterday in Wangsimni @ the CGV theater. When asked if there were any solders present forever humble Rain shyly raises his hand and thanks them for coming and hoped they liked it. Makings the crowed in the CGV theater go crazy.

As a proud RAIN FAN, I just want to say this GUY is AWESOME. Rain was able to take in a movie like an everyday Joe and thank his fans behind it. It seems that Rain is always making time for fans in his busy schedule.